What they're saying about Maestra

‘The hot book on the street…a sexy thriller with a Gone Girl vibe.’ Deadline Hollywood

Maestra features a feisty, morally complex and sharp heroine who may appeal to fans of Stieg Larsson’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl.’ The New York Times

Maestra is riveting, with a dominant character who is brilliant, sly, deadly, and entirely in control of her life. The book is unpredictable and multifaceted. Judith is one of the most memorable females in recent fiction; she is a marvelous character, perfect for film.’ Amy Pascal, Columbia Pictures Producer, Columbia Pictures producer

‘Don’t underestimate Judith Rashleigh. With her life and everything she’s worked for at stake, Maestra’s fierce, unforgettable anti-heroine crafts a brilliant and dangerous scheme that she will go to shocking lengths to pull off. An edgy, decadent thriller that delivers shocking twists.’ Laura McHugh, award-winning author of The Weight of Blood

'So, shocking? Yes - but also completely unputdownable, with a sequel already in the works. You have been warned.' The Sydney Morning Herald

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By day, Judith Rashleigh is a put-upon assistant at a London auction house.

By night she’s a hostess in one of the capital’s unsavoury bars.

Desperate to make something of herself, Judith knows she has to play the game. She’s learned to dress, speak and act in the interests of men. She’s learned to be a good girl.

But after uncovering a dark secret at the heart of the art world, Judith is fired and her dreams of a better life are torn apart.

So she turns to a long-neglected friend.

A friend that kept her chin up and back straight through every past slight.

A friend that a good girl like her shouldn’t have: rage.

The Talented Mr Ripley meets Gone Girl in this darkly decadent and compelling new thriller.

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